Welcome to That Travel Guy Blog!

Over the past few years I have had a weekly travel column in the travel section of the Winnipeg Free Press every Saturday.

People have asked why I named my blog, that travel guy, of which there are a few others with similar handles.

My photo appears with my column every week.

While a name like Pradinuk would not seem overly complicated to pronounce, when people see me in person, or are introduced to me their first words are frequently, “Oh you’re that travel guy.” Hence the choice of http://www.thattravelguy.ca/ (I would have preferred a dot com but there seems to be another travel guy out there currently using it).


“Oh you’re that travel guy.”

My own background includes travel to almost 60 countries so far. As I talk to fellow travellers, as much as I have traveled, I realize my list of places I must still visit is very long compared to others.

So many places…only so much time in a life to see it all.

Previously, for over 30 years I operated a travel agency, focusing mostly on leisure travel. I served on the national board of the Association of Canadian Travel Agents for years, and was the National President for two years as well.

I still am a consultant to the travel industry and work with travel agencies in various capacities.

I also owned an operated a unique travel concept store that featured the latest in travel accessories, luggage, travel clothing, swim and resort wear, a tanning studio, and a pre-travel health clinic.

That is why I still review travel products from time to time. I understand quality and lack thereof. I try to motivate people to understand the need to protect yourself from a health perspective before travelling.

And of course I write about destinations, anywhere and everywhere.


This blog is meant to be about ideas and opinions…yours and mine.

In this blog I will call issues as I see them and I look forward to your responses, whether you agree or not. We will talk about destinations, airline and tour operator policies, good and bad travel products you have used, and anything that has the connotation of travel.

 You can read my column every Saturday from wherever you are by going to http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/travel. They usually hold past columns and freelance stories I write for the paper in the archive section on the right for up to three months.

In a few weeks my podcast will be fully operational and I will interview guests who are the leaders in travel from around the globe.

If you have travel questions or comments email me at pradinukr@shaw .ca

by Ron Pradinuk

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.