Luggage Cleaning. Luggage Buying. A Few Tips.

You go out and buy the best luggage you can afford and you want it to last.  After a few trips it is scuffed and dirty, and nothing like the merchandised piece you picked off the shelf. And you want it clean again.  You come off the plane in Italy and you think the... read more

For Travelers Who Bring Back Wine. VinniBag!

Every now and then a simple idea gets turned into an amazing new travel product. Such is the case with the VinniBag. It may sound like a bit of a strange name, but if you like to travel with wine, other liquids or fragile items in your checked in luggage, this is an... read more

From Ancient Greece, We Learned About Freedom.

During my first visit to Greece in the 70s, the country was under martial law. I recall my discomfort at feeling watched over by the soldiers who seemed to be everywhere.  After I returned home, I read with more than passing interest how the citizens, through... read more

Nothing Like The Small Ship Experience!

Some time back, in a series of columns about cruising, I gave an overview of what cruise clients appreciate most about big ship cruising. I tried to provide a balanced overview of the comparative advantages and disadvantages of this size of cruise ship so travelers... read more

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