In this show we explore the fascinating and still rapidly growing city of Mesa. It is a part of Greater Phoenix but is an attraction unto itself.  On this trip I was in Mesa during Cactus League baseball spring training season. And Sloan Park, the spring home of the Chicago Cubs is attracting fans like never before. And why not, the are after all the World Series Champions.

Listen to the two people who likely know more about Mesa than almost anyone else.

Michelle Streeter   Vice President of Communications                 @                          1 minute  45 seconds

Emily Brozewicz     Communicatins Coordinator                          @                          9 minutes 50 seconds.  




When it’s spring in Mesa, there is not much more enjoyable than a hot dog at a baseball game.


The value of Cactus League baseball is as big as that that comes with hosting the football superball. Hotels are filled, restaurants thrive, and visitors travel throughout the region to learn more about the destination.


Take a day away and explore that awaits just beyond Mesa.


You will travel through some gorgeous countryside and find a old mining ghost town, a restaurant papered with about $200,000 of individual dollar bills, and enjoy a trip down into a reconstructed golf mining shaft.

Take a craft brewery tour, stop in at the orange patch, or just enjoy some of the fine restaurants that are nearby, no matter where you are in Mesa.