From the original African Queen to a functioning Turtle Hospital, from great beaches to Dolphins and parachute skiers, to an amazing aquarium and exceptional restaurants, The Keys in South Florida has it all.

Enjoy this podcast covering our recent stay in an area we fell in love with. Hear interviews with………..

Brad Rose              Aquarium Encounters            2 min. 50 sec.

Mary Stella            Dolphin Research Center     17 min  50 sec   

Tammie Gurgiole   Guy Harvey Islander Resort  26 min 30 sec  



One of the things that makes the Aquarium experience so good here is the number of opportunities guests have to interact with the species.

And the range of species really is very wide and interesting.

Here, if you wish to, you can snorkel of go for a diving experience. And the location is such that it is constantly feed by fresh waters directly from the sea, and you can actually walk out to near where the input area is and look over the boats and people fishing near this area where catches are fairly regular.

Also included in your admission is access to any of the regular tours that take place during the day. it really is the way to go as you learn a significant amount of information about the species you are seeing.

If you are in The Keys this is a must visit destination.

It was interesting to find out that so much of the Netflix series ‘bloodlines’ were filmed on site here at the Guy Harvey Islander Outpost Resort.  I actually never saw a single episode of the program, or even heard of it. But my wife got quite excited having watched the series. she was able to identify a number of locations.

This is an ideal place to stay in The Keys, with all rooms being efficiency units so you can do a bit of cooking and keep your foods cold in the refrigerator. And as you can see the rooms are really very nice.

We had a wonderful evening meal at the Morada Bay Beach Cafe

It is in the heart of Islamorada on a great location, and from what we could discern, it is busy at all times.  Don’t pass up on this place.

Please enjoy this photo display of the the many other experiences we had in the Keys.  It was such an easy drive from Miami. And while there is a lot to do in the region, it is a much quieter atmosphere and much calmer than you will find in Miami, or if you go deeper into the Keys to Key West.

Islamorada, and the Guy Harvey Islander Resort, proved to be an excellent base for us to explore the region.

We did not get down to Key West on this trip but it is now on our agenda for a future time.

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