In this part 1 podcast of our recent visit, I talk with Wolfgang Wehen of the Provident at the Blue Doral,  Darrin Helfrick of the Trump National Doral Golf courses, and Allen Auyong of the Dragonfly Restaurant and fish market.

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Wolfgang Wehen   Regional General Manager    Provident Blue in Doral                              4:15

Darrin Helfrick      Manager of Trump Doral Golf                                                                  19:15

Allen Auyong        General Manager Dragonfly Restaurant                                                  30:20

Wolfgang Wegen at the Provident Doral

Wolfgang has a good handle on what is happening in Doral. Incorporated as a city in 2003, it has been on a dedicated growth spurt since.

As a suburb of Miami it is well placed for growth, being close to the airport, shopping centers and a short drive to the beaches and other destinations in the area.

As a condo style suite hotel it is within walking distance to some of the best restaurants in Miami.


The Trump National Doral golf tracks are in excellent condition. I had been at the property a few years ago and it was beginning to look tired.

The Trump organization has done some serious improvements. And the quality of food in the clubhouse was much more than I expected from a golf restaurant.


When you want exceptional food in Doral, one restaurant you must try is the Dragonfly.

From the Cauliflower Goma Miso to te Baby Octopus Sunomono to the Wagyu Short Ribs this was a Japanese style restaurant that was different but is a real culinary treasure.