In this second of two podcast covering our recent visit to the Miami area of South Florida, the suburb city of Doral in particular i talk with people from three of the best restaurants in the area.  I also interview Rosa Albert of the Provident Doral at the Blue Miami as it is called.

She almost became our guide during our trip after we started asking her questions about where to go and where to eat.

I hope you enjoy their interviews

Miguel Gomez   Chef                                                 Pisco y Nazca Restaurant  @                     2 minutes, 40 seconds

Rosa Albert  Director of Sales and Marketing            Provident Doral at the Blue@                     13 minutes 30 seconds

Shane Danner   Sales  Manager                                Dragonfly Restaurant and Fish Market @   23 minutes 30 seconds

Miguel Rebolledo   Chef                                           Bulla Gastrobar   @                                       35 minutes 30 seconds

The Pisco Y Nazca proved to be a real find. There are not many Peruvian oriented restaurants that I know of, and after having spent time in Peru a few years ago it was a warm and welcome memory to experience the quality of service and menu items we tasted here.


Chef Miguel Gomez is from Peru and working with his people has created an amazing range of small and large plate items.


The Chocolate Dome dessert was one of the best I ever tasted,with a hot white chocolate sauce poured over the dark chocolate dome, melting the chocolate and revealing a mixture of sweet potato custard, ice cream, Cracker Jack popcorn and warm ganache.


It is in the heart of what I term the new Doral and we loved every minute of the experience.

Pisco y Nazca in Doral South Florida

Sometimes when you travel you discover a good restaurant or a good place to stay by accident. Such was the case for our accommodations in Doral.

We had difficulty finding a place we wanted near South Beach so we took the Provident Blue Doral for what we expected to be a quick 2 night stay.

What we discovered was an amazing condo style upscale gated property which was more than anything we could have asked for. And we quickly found we could use it as a base to get anywhere we wanted. And nearby we would find some of the best restaurants you will find in all of Miami. Of that I am certain.

And much of that discover came from discussions with Rosa Albert, who was a perfectly amazing representative of her hotel, and the region nearby.


The ambiance, the Japanese collections, the operational fish market, and a most suburb menu are what make this restaurant most unique.

this Japanese restaurant is much more than about Sushi and Sushi-mi.

Its menue items range from Wagyu Short Ribes, to Cauliflower Goma Miso to their own versions of Makisushi and Omakase Composed Nigiri.

Last, but definitely not least, we talk with Chef Miguel Rebelledo of the Bulla Gastrobar.

We had amazing service at the Bulla and loads of information on the Spanish menu items that were on the menu, many we knew, others of which we were not familiar.

As good as the food was, from what we could observe, Bulla has also become a great after work stop for the area as the bar section seemed to be full, and active all evening.

The links to Provident and the restaurant websites are at the top of the page.  If you are going to South Florida check them out.  I wrote about our Doral stay in a story in the Winnipeg Free Press. Check it out at 

In my next podcast I will be speaking with people relating to the experiences we had in the Keys, where we stayed for a few days after we left Doral.