Contiki has an enviable history in providing young people with vacation experiences that are not only satisfying, but opportunities to make friends with people around the same age, who often stay in touch for the rest of their lives.

The company recently completed a survey of Canadian and USA millennials to see what they were looking for in holiday escapes in order to help the company plan tours that suits their needs.


What today’s millennials are looking for are experiential vacations. Like learning how to cook, or travelling buy bicycle through a place they have never visited. Or going to places like the Great Wall that they have heard and read so much about.

Often their desires lead them to less travelled places as well because the discovery of a place with fewer people creates lasting memories between those who have shared the discovery together.

While many of the sites millennials wish to visit are often not that much different from other age groups, what is clear is that they are ready to lead a more active lifestyle on the road, and they have, in most cases a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

While they like many of the creature comforts all categories do, it is not always important to be staying top level places. A tent may be a more desirable accommodation of the experience brings them to a higher level of thought.

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