There is no mistaking this.  It’s been a good new experience..

Where was only a slight delay in the flight out of Toronto to Myrtle Beach but it was a long day so when I arrived at the hotel around 10 PM, I was exhausted.

I made the mistake of choosing not to have dinner at the airport in TO. When I arrived at the Marriot Hotel Resort I had 15 minutes to order. But the Mahi sandwich was terrific. I guess the beer was as welcome..

But I didn’t fall asleep quickly and our game at Tidewater Golf Club was at 7:45. I was up at 6 AM, which is 5 AM at home so I was a

tired boy.

I would be golfing with Chris King of Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations, a non profit organization formed by the golf clubs in the area; Really solid guy that knows what’s going in golf.



Golfing in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

After the golf game I went to visit the South Carolina Civil Rights Museum.

It is a very small museum, connected to a shooting range. At first this seemed strange since the museum is managed by the people who own the range and the gun store. And the memories of the civil war are still strong with some people.

But as you go through the museum you do gain a sense of history, and the feelings then, some of which may carry over. This is after all so much of what history is about.

What I love about travel is the sense of discovery on every trip.

Trying to define Myrtle Beach, for example against other destinations, is not only impossible, it is mostly futile…thankfully.  Because that is why there is a uniqueness with every trip.

And even golfing.  Often the same designer will be retained to do a golf course in one area and then build them around the world.  Yes there are certain signatures but each is different and worthy of discovery.

I am just beginning this journey of discovery, and will keep reporting more as soon as I can.