In this show:

News on Brexit Vote, Launch of worlds largest cruise ship, and Vietnam tourism                                        @3 minutes 30 seconds

Interview with Edouard Roose direct from France on WWI sites                                                                   @ 8 minutes 20 seconds

Interview with Dr. Pierre Plourde on his Hand-in-Hand with Haiti project                                                       @ 22 minutes





Going back to Paris and France has tremendous meaning to me.

We met so many really nice people. The reputation of unfriendly Parisians is so wrong. After the bombings I kept on thinking if any of them were victums.

Visiting the World War I remebrance sites, along with the regions nearby will be educational and impactful.

And fulfilling my own pilgrimage goal of going back to the grave site of my uncle who died just near the end of the second world war will be very emotional. My uncle Louie Gallant was my grandparents only son, and after he was gone they virtually adopted me and treated me better than anyone in the world