Luggage, to lock or not                                                              @ 6 minutes

Ear Pain when in flight, cause and cure                                  @ 9 minutes

Sandals Resorts with guest Joanne Fillion                              @12 minutes

Buying British Pounds and Euros at bargain prices              @ 34 minutes

France discussion with Melanie Paulhouse                            @ 37 minutes

Sandals do an exceptional job of managing their Caribbean resorts.  They are great for destination weddings, honeymoons, and just plain old couple escapes.

Golf as above is included, the food is always great, and the staff do an excellent job.

To help preserve history, the Sandals organization bought and upgraded the vehicle that Bob Marley drove around the island in as he travelled from gig to gig, before he got mega famous.

Notwithstanding their many resorts visiting the island of Jamaica is always a thrill.

It is here where I think fun was invented, and they know how to live life properly, especially considering it is still such a poor country. And the scenery driving around the island is spectacular much of the time.

Melanie really gives an excellent overview of why we should visit France.

So I am taking her advice and going back at the end of this month.   I will visit the Remembrance sites as they are called where our fallen soldiers from World Wars I and II died trying to bring freedom to France and the rest of Europe.

I will certainly spend time in France, and look forward to taking in a bit of the countryside as well.

Ear pain can ruin a flight and a holiday. While Ear Planes are the answer for many try the method outlined in this show as well at about the 9 minute mark.

This is a tip that came from a reader of my column some time back on the subject.

Apparently pilots can also suffer from the conditions that cause ear pain and this is the method they use.

Locking luggage is a personal decision. It helps prevent theft of opportunity. The new TSA approved locks allow security to get in and out without cutting them in the United States, not Canada.