Taking care of your pre-travel health to countries we take for granted is very important. Before going to destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean, your first stop should be with a visit to a travel clinic. (Listen to interview with Dr. Pierre Plourde at 6 minute mark of show).

On this show I also talk with Jenna Misener who takes care of everything associated with the Juno Beach Association. Talking about Remembrance sites in France is what we discuss in that interview. (Listen to Jenna Misener ingterview at 32 minute mark of show).

And you will really learn a lot about the latest travel scams around the world. When you know what they are you will be able to prevent them. (Hear some of the latest travel scams at 24 minute mark of show.

Near the end of this show at the 53 minute mark, I also talk about the importance of protecting you credit card information from being stolen by keeping them in an RFID wallet.  In this show I also underscore how easy it is to capture that information with a simple scanning device. I said I would post options for you to look at here on the site. Below are four different styles which may interest you.