It is getting really close. Very soon I will be making ready to board a WestJet flight on my way to Myrtle Beach.

And what a great time to go there. The weather is already quite hot, the beach looks great, and the crowds will not have fully arrived yet.  This is a major tourist destination. Only two or three years ago WestJet Airlines started serving the destination with non-stop flights out of Toronto.

I will be able to connect from Winnipeg to Toronto and be there in one day without the normal one night stay over required for so many other destinations.  And the same holds for the return flight.

This changes the travel opportunity scenario. People from all over Canada can now visit easily.

My son will be joining me and we will be busy, although he arrives a couple of days after I do.  How busy? Check this out.


I arrive in the early evening on Thursday so I will just settle in at the beautiful Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort, and get ready for a busy week.

On Friday morning it will be an early start with a 7:45 tee-off time at the Tidewater Golf Club. Since my son will not yet have arrived I am happy I am being joined by Myrtle Beach’s resident golf promotor, Chris King. It’s a great looking course and I am anxious to play in warm weather for the first time this spring.

In the afternoon I am going to take a short drive out to see the South Carolina Civil War Museum, and close off the day with a great performance at the Alabama Theatre seeing the highly rated extravaganza called One…The show.

I’ll do another golf game on Saturday morning at the Thistle Golf Club. then I’ll head over to the amazing 60 mile beach, before heading out to an evening performance at the Carolina Opry in their Calvin Theatre..



By Sunday Carey will have arrived and we’ll do an afternoon game.

Myrtle Beach has 100’s of restaurants, and I am fascinated by many of them.  On Sunday night we will dine at a restaurant called Thoroughbreds. Almost 30 years old it is the home of great steaks, and I miss some of that corn fed beef. But I won’t be missing it long.

And to top off the evening just for laughs we will head to the Carolina Comedy club.

With the kind of beaches that are available here it is pretty natural that we will take the time to enjoy them since it may be a week or three before we can really do that at home.

We are also going to spend time in the Myrtle Beach State Park

The thing I noticed that really stands out, is that it is a family holiday destination.  There are loads of options for very young children, mid aged, and teenagers alike.

I hope I get a chance to return with the little ones to have them experience some of the things they would love to do.


As you no doubt gathered, while we will be taking in everything Myrtle Beach has to offer, we will be doing a lot of golf.

But I do intend to have a well-rounded stay.  Over the next few weeks I will be doing a couple of my columns on Myrtle Beach in the Winnipeg Free Press.  Watch for them in print or online@

I also will  be doing a lot of interview so you can be sure the first podcast I do that will be posted on this site after our return will be completely on this exciting and unique destination.  Watch for it.