As in a previous post, I wrote that seats have been getting considerably smaller on most aircraft, particularly in the cheaper fare sections.

While each airline is different, and will often argue that they are better than those other guys, economy class seats have come down from a width of 45.72 cm. to 41.91 cm.

And pitch has not fared better coming down from 88.9 cm to 78.7l, a considerable difference in the comfort level for everyone, but for the big and tall passengers it has become a tight squeeze.

There are people out there ready to fight this move. So with pressure from consumer groups, a United States Senator, chuck Schumer, took up their cause.

He introduced an amendment that would preclude airlines from reducing size even more and also included the padding on the seats, which has also been slowly removed, from any further quantity removal.

It wasn’t a lopsided vote, but all Democrats save three voting for the amendment and all Republicans voting against it.

The final vote was 42-54.

However they did vote to increase security at airports, make more dollars available for training and spend on increased vetting of airport employees.

Had they passed the original amendment, it would have impacted world travel since most major airlines, if not headquartered in the United States, do fly into many of the nation’s largest airports.

So while no one is jumping forward to admit seats and pitch will be shrunk further, I’m putting my bets on the dollar magnet that attracts decisions like this.