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The growth of destination weddings over the past decade has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Before finalizing your decision to have a wedding in another country, and deciding what kind to have should couples should undertake some serious analysis and discussion.

It is likely be the best day and the week of your life. To make sure that happens put the full planning process in place now.

If you’ve been thinking of a big wedding and believe all of your friends are going to make the trip on your chosen date, to the country you’ve selected, and at the property you want to hold your wedding party, think again.

After working with dozens of wedding couples in planning their nuptials, I always asked the couple how many people they expected to attend. Once they told me I suggested they should not count on more than two thirds that number, and don’t be surprised if it is as low as 50%.

Defining your budget, as well as that of the people you hope to attend, is one of the most important.

You may want your day to be in one of the finest 5 star properties, but can all the guest you hope to attend afford that property? Hear more at the 41 minute mark.


April is Earth Month and Friday April 22 is Earth Day 2016. I discuss major destinations that may no longer exist for our children and grandchildren with Sheena Rosentreter of Contiki Holidays.

Examples like the Amazon Rain-forests, the Dead Sea, and Italy’s great canal city, Venice. All those waves are jeopardizing its future.

Learn about some others at 4 minutes 20 seconds.

Megan Kozminski is the editor of the Eldorado Polo magazine and travels back and forth from Calgary Alberta each season.  She is a Winnipeg native who has been a polo enthusiast since she was young.

Listen to her story at the 30 minute 30 second mark.