San Antonio is such a great place to visit.  It’s Riverwalk and Alamo are justifiably world famous, it’s Tex-Mex restaurants are superb and golf is as good as you will find anywhere. And if you are looking for an exceptional golf tour operator, there is likely none better than Jack Parker of Texas Golf Vacation . He knows how to take care of clients. Listen to my interview with him at the 28 minute mark of the show.

Texas Golf with Jack Parker (right) Carey (middle) and friend.
World famous Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas. will put you on some of the finest courses in Texas.
The Alamo in San Antonio Texas.

Sean Crawford of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada went to Mexico.  Like him, many people who go to Mexico and the other Caribbean countries feel there is no worry to be concerned about pre-travel health, other than Montezuma’s revenge. He chose not to go to a travel health clinic, came back got very sick, was diagnosed with Hepatitis and was sick for months. You need to here his story first hand. After you hear him speak you will think differently as you plan your next trip. Could be best advice you’ll ever get. His segment begins at the 11 minutes 30 seconds into the show.

In this show I also go on a rant against those who provide travel insurance. The numbers of stories I have heard lately about claims being denied for the most specious of reasons really is disgusting. We are becoming their legal victims. Know the fine print and if you tore a fingernail and saw a doctor, report it. for them anything goes when it comes to denying coverage after the fact. That starts at the 5 minute mark in the show.