It seems to me it started with Ryanair in Europe. More charges, uncomfortably small seats, and no service.

Some low cost carriers in the U.S. cut back on service and began introducing new charges. And more recently the ill-fated New Leaf airlines tried to introduce the lower than low cost airline with the elimination of perks completely and a charge for everything.

But most of this was taking place by the discount carriers, who built their business and reputation on the no service, charge for everything, cheaper price option.

Now the big ones are jumping into the fray with a new class of service on the mainline carriers called ‘basic’ economy.

Those who refer to these new options pejoratively refer to them as ‘last class’.

And ‘last class’ is coming to an airline near you.

Can Air Canada and Westjet be far behind when American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines have already begun introducing their versions of this new fare class.

The already nose grinding pitch between seats will be reduced even further.

There will be absolutely no refunds on these tickets under any circumstances, no changes in itinerary under any circumstances, and it goes without saying there will be no carryon on bags of any kind.

This truly is flying by the seat of your pants.

Will Air Canada and Westjet join the race for the bottom?