With Westjet Airlines new non-stop overseas flights to London via the Gatwick Airport facility, Canadians will become ever more familiar with this convenient gateway to that great city, and the rest of the United Kingdom. London offers a lot of things to do and places to visit.

It’s a city where most travellers don’t mind being on an extended layover, especially with its airports situated relatively near popular attractions. As a case in point, a busy landing field like London Gatwick can be compared to a huge entertainment center with its wonderful amenities inside and all the nearby activities outside.

A Brief History of London Gatwick’s Development

According to Gatwick Airport‘s website, a busy year sees close to 50 million travellers go to 200 international destinations annually – a far cry from the 186,000 passengers during its first year of operation in 1958. From schedule, to budget, to charter flights, the airport accommodates more than 40 airline companies from around the world.

With this, London Gatwick has already invested millions to improve its facilities over time – dedicating a portion of it to the development of its parking spaces. Parking4Less, a parking aggregator site based in the UK, lists the airport’s improved car parking bays as long stay and summer special at the North Terminal, as well as long stay and long stay plus at the South Terminal.

Gatwick also has an award-winning short stay parking option situated in the middle of the two terminals to make accessing the terminals for business travellers much easier.

Gatwick Airport’s Features Aside from the plethora of fantastic cuisines and high-end fashion boutiques, London Gatwick has art installations from renowned artist, Sir Peter Blake. Here, passengers can capture the essence of a historic, multi-cultural city brimming with beauty and extravagance.

The airport also offers  Let’s Race, which is the UK’s only full-motion Formula 1 racing simulator.

Travellers can try their hand at driving a single-seat, open-cockpit racecar, and feel the rush of one of the most realistic racing games ever developed. Three wide-screen monitors, booming surround sound systems, and actual driving downforce of up to 200mph complete the whole experience.

Gatwick’s Surrounding Areas

Outside, Gatwick sits in the middle of a variety of leisure areas. Just a few paces from the airport is the old town of Horley, which has some of the best curry restaurants around the city.

For the more adventurous ones, the Fernhill Riding Centre is the perfect place to get a glimpse of West Sussex’s charming countryside.

Alternatively, if time is really of the essence and passengers can’t manage to squeeze in a few miles out of town, there’s a local playhouse nearby called Archway Theatre. The 95-seater hall features an array of entertaining stage productions and is set underneath the arches of the railway line – hence, the name.

Over the past few years airports, and the areas around them, have become destinations unto themselves. Gatwick Airport is one of the facilities that is leading the way in making that happen.