The publicity has been huge and the line ups have been long.

The show, which is a series of unique ice sculptures created by artists in a Chinese company, have chosen Winnipeg to highlight their art.

This is a quick pictorial look at what the presentation was about.




We arrived at the site late afternoon so that we could enjoy sculptures after they were lit, but it was worth going early to get a feel for the environment the displays were set in.




The Great Ice Show at The Forks in Winnipeg Manitoba.
Bumper Car rides on the ice at the Great Ice Show in Winnipeg.



This really was set up to create a family adventure. There were bumping car rides and a couple of great slides.  Cold or not the children were having a ball. It was cold so some of the weaker adults such as ourselves felt the chill.



While the fully functioning bar may have been a good promotion idea, I didn’t see anyone clamoring for a drink.

The functioning bar at the Great Ice show at The Forks in Winnipeg.

As the day slowly turned to night the lights came on and the look of the place changed.  The fireworks at the end were quite spectacular.