While you will catch a big Northern Pike here as well, this fishery continues to produce the highest percentage of Master Angler Walleye caught in the province year after year. Last year over 65% of Master Angler Walleyes caught in the province were taken out of this lake; taken out and then after a quick phot, put back in the water. It is this catch and release strategy that keeps the big ones producing future trophies.

The cabins at Gunisao are very well appointed, with accommodation options for just two people or up to six guests in a unit.


The main lodge is the place guests gather in the evening to brag about their daily catch, often up to 100 fish per person per day. But is seeing your name in the list of master angler catches scrawled on the wall board daily that each guest lingers for.

It was here that I caught my first Master Angler Walleye. It was an amazing experience to be part of the 75% of guests who will catch a Master Angler Walleye here each year. The Manitoba Government posts the lists of Master Angler achievers by species annually. It is a great feeling to your name online when it is released in the following year.


Budd's Gunisao Lake fishing lodge in Northern Manitoba Canada.
Fly-in fishing in Northern Manitoba Canada.

What is different about this lodge comes between knowing and wishing.

Getting Master Angle size fish is not easy anywhere. And while you can never be guaranteed you’re going to get one, at Budd’s Gunisao Lake Lodge you know you have an above average chance for success.

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Manitoba is fortunate to have fly-in lodges like these. But there are many others that are also very good. You can find a list of them on the Manitoba Lodge and Outfitter’s website at .



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Nothing like fresh caught fish at a shorelunch at a Manitoba fly-in fishing lodge.
Shorelunch at a Manitoba fly-in fishing lodge.