Indio really is a nice city in which to stay during a vacation, particularly at the Palm Gardens gated community, in a house rented right on the golf course, and so well kept by the owners that it is pleasure to come back to every evening.

But my first visit here started at the Hyatt in downtown Palm Springs, and I had to get back to it with Rae to give her a feel of what this city is and was.

It is here where the greatest movie stars once lived, and in some slow manner are starting to come back to again

The downtown area is where the shops and restaurants are today while the old homes of the previous film greats can be seen on inexpensive tours.


Palm Canyon Drive, where these shops and restaurants are located is easily accessible, with free two hour parking and a plethora of every kind of shop, from cheap junk to expensive are await the visitors and locals.

Every Thursday evening they close off the street to all traffic and the pedestrians are free to wonder with stalls set up for even more and different kind of shopping and light food options.


Palm Springs California.

Palm Springs was once a great city of stars and wannabees, and then a it went into a period of decline. As it was told to me the man who brought it back was the same Sonny Bono who partnered with his then wife to form, and make famous the singing duo of Sonny and Cher.

After she went on to her own solo career he set up shop in Palm Springs, with a restaurant for one thing, but more importantly became the driving force mayor that brought the city back to life.



A statue of him has been erected in a small square on that main drag.

On our last visit with my son Carey during our golfing sojourn, we dined a restaurant called Kaisers Grill. They are situated in a number of other cities but the Palm Springs locations brought back a lot of good memories gained during that father/son trip.

And a couple of dishes were quite spectacular. So after a couple of hours of shopping Kaisers was it and we were in.

If you come to this area you must try the menu appetizer Ahi Tuna Poke, a mixture of avocado, soy mirin, spiced cashews, wasabi, fresh ginger along with a generous helping of Ahi Tuna, and you will totally agree with my assessment of how good it is. Rae certainly did.  We shared a Shwarma and were quite full with these two dishes.

Along the sidewalks the inscriptions of those legends of the past are carved into the street blocks.

A great afternoon and one hopefully we will repeat before the end of this journey.