Two weeks seems to have come and gone very quickly as we finish packing and make ready to board our flight home tomorrow.

It has been an interesting week for us. Staying in a home instead of commercial accommodations has made for more relaxing times in many ways. More space, two TV’s, view out of patio onto golf course, having a patio, and being able to not be worried about getting out of the way for housekeeping.

At the same time we are working to keep the house cleaner than at home out of respect for the very nice people we rented from, and cooking saves money but it certainly is more work.

And packing the leftover food and beverage purchases to take to our friends means the savings may not be as great as intended.

We started this journey meeting my cousin and his wife and that has been a mega-bonus. They have been great company, exceptional tour guides, and the tourist information centre for any questions we may have had.

This is an exceptional golf area with too many courses to count. I had 4-5 games, one of them out of town, which is a lot less than I would normally have over a 15 day period.

But I was very happy with that because I wanted my wife to experience this region to see if we would come back at some future date for a longer period. While we are not ready for being in one place for any longer of a period at this stage, there is no question this part of the United States is where we might just end up someday.

We have done a lot and I can’t really remember any specific order of things that happened. But I certainly do have highlights.

Spending an afternoon at the Eldorado Polo Club, at the invitation of a close friend of my wife’s daughter was a lot of fun.

For me it was a learning experience not having ever watched live polo matches before. The idea of the spectators taking part in stomping the divots down was something, to my knowledge, you won’t see in any other sport.


Shopping is always a factor on a holiday and we spend the better part of what turned out to be a very cold and windy day at the Cabazon Outlet Mall a few miles out of Palm Springs. The challenge was that those few miles are all virtually uphill.

The temperature on the flats was well over 70 F and cold as hell frozen over at the top. And I did not have a long sleeve anything and was just about to buy a parka or something similar when my wife cried uncle partly to save me from getting sick, which I was anyway for a couple of days.

We spent a very nice time in Old Town La Quinta for the better part of an afternoon.

The area is small but very quaint and the restaurant where we dined was really lovely with the usual outdoor patio, a good menu, and a chance to try deep fried cauliflower, a new taste treat for me.



We took in a comedy show at the Improv theatre in the Fantasy Springs Casino.

On the first Friday of every month the art stores on El Paseo drive in Palm Desert stay open and a trolley will take you up and down the strip as you sample the free Champaign, and other delicacies handed out at each studio.

The College of the Desert fairs take place every Saturday and Sunday from 7am-2pm. From cars to raisins, just about anything you might want is being sold from one of the booths at COD.

No trip to the Palm Springs area would be complete without spending time in its namesake, downtown Palm Springs.

Once the home of movie stars and champions of industry, it went into decline until Sonny Bono became mayor and devoted his huge energy and drawing power to helping rebuild it. It is in his honour a stature of his likeness was erected in the heart of Palm Canyon Drive.

We experienced a couple of very good restaurants like Jackaloupe’s , Mimmo’s, and more than a couple of great Mexican options.

One of my highlights was a day trip with friends from back home to see the Salton Sea, the sculptures of Borrego Springs, and to golf on the recently re-opened Ram’s Hill Golf course situated between Palm Springs and San Diego.

The forecast for the next few days at home are terrible so going back is not something I am looking forward to, but it has been a very good stay and I am certain we will return.