Every Wednesday through the summer I golf with a group that is much more about fun than low golf scores.

Most know how to tell a story and I have enjoyed the dinners and wine after as much as I have the golf game. Given my track talents often more so if it has been one of those frustrating days.

Two of the gentlemen, and I hate to use that term in case they actually read this post and come to a conclusion I actually like them a lot, are Fier and Doug.

For the last few years they have been part of that group that has made the summer disappear even quicker than it should.



Rams Hill Golf Course near Borrego Springs, California.
Rancho Las Palmas golf in Greater Palm Springs.

So to find out they were either spending part or most of the winter in the Palm Springs area was a bonus.

We touched base, and apparently it was Fier, with the navigational skills of Doug (questionable but successful in the end) that motivated the stop at the Salton Sea before carrying on to Borrego Springs and the Rams Hill golf course beyond it.

It was a Wednesday, as it should be, and it proved to be a most interesting day. The golf course is spectacular, the scenery going there was equally fascinating both at the Salton Sea and the mountainous trip from there to Borrego Springs.


After that day we concluded that the following week would also be another good day to get together, this time at the Rancho Las Palmas course, where Doug has a rented home.

It was a perfect day and the views are pretty magnificent.

We are back home now but I do look forward to getting back with the guys in 2-3 months and continuing our Wednesday tradition. And recalling a couple of really good days on my Palm Springs Vacation.



There are dozens of golf courses to chose from in the Palm Springs, California region.