Some days are luckier than others.

Some time ago my wife Rae and I decided we would like to try and visit Palm Springs this winter for a couple of weeks in our never ending pursuit to find a region we may want to spend more time when I think of retiring 10-20 years from now.

My son Carey and I golfed here a couple of years ago and really liked it for the golf. But I had a feeling Rae would love it as well.  It’s a little smaller than some of the other popular destinations, although we did like the less rushed atmosphere around Naples and the Gulf side of South Florida.

Nevertheless Palm Springs region would be what we would explore this year.

So I started the search for a one bedroom house or condo, later than I should have as usual. I spent a lot of time on both Airbnb and VRBO.  I found a few places but by the time I was looking I wasn’t finding what I wanted…something reasonably inexpensive, not far from golf tracks, and in one of the 10 cities of Greater Palm Springs.


Indio California, Indian Palms Golf and Country Club.

After a considerable amount of frustration I hit upon an idea.

I knew our friends Lorne and Elaine were somewhere in the area, since they winter there every year. We were going to be getting together with them at some point so I decided to contact them to see if they might have any ideas.

I really did expect that this shot in the dark was going to lead to a dead end alley, but I had nothing to lose.

By pure coincidence they had friends a couple of blocks away in Indio, one of the magic ten cities of Greater Palm Springs. These friends had a house, which they spend a lot of winter time in but rent it out occasionally.

Unfortunately the man who usually rents the house at this time took sick and could not come this year. But it was a three bedroom house, hardly what we need, or might be willing to pay for considering the current value of the CAD.



I told her it likely would not work but some time later the owners called and were willing to rent it to us for a truly agreeable price.

Lovely house, on a golf course (Indian Palms Golf and Country Club), golf cart included, beautiful house, clearly taken care of by nice people.

A short time later I received a call from the owner and she offered us a deal I could not refuse.

So here we are, me again, Rae for the first time.

The sun is already quite warm at 10 am so we are looking forward to a great day.  These next two weeks we will explore.  I will meet with my friends at Palm Springs CVB, that I met on my previous journey, and look to some of their suggestions for this spousal stay.

Indian Palms Golf and Country Club, Indio California part of Greater Palm Springs.