Taking children for a sunspot vacation can be one of the most treasured experiences for them and the family

But getting there can lead to being forced to endure one of my worst ever in-fight experiences for you and those around you..

A study done by Expedia shows inattentive parents and seatback kickers are huge irritants for travellers. Sadly, seatback kickers are not always children.

In a flight full of children, and while many of them were polite and well-behaved, a few of the brats can be over the top. Sometimes they can sound like a pack of parrots trying to communicate all at once in a language no one really understands.

Strangely some parents didn’t seem to care. If an unruly child was kicking the back of my seat, I would explode.

Sometimes even nothing that can be done by the flight attendants about this chaos, which is not just irritating to the seat in front but to a number of other people in seats near the noise-makers?

While it is difficult for flight attendants to take full responsibility, even knowing some parents will react negatively, they should be more assertive to those families with children who are disturbing passengers.

Particularly around family holiday breaks, the numbers of children in the aircraft will be considerably more than usual.


Some airlines, such as Scott Airlines of Singapore and AirAsia, have created areas where those families with children under 12 are relegated.

I am sure most parents are embarrassed when their children are unruly. Careful planning can help alleviate at least some of the problems.

Packing a favourite food for use as a surprise when children become unruly is one strategy. Another is to take along a series of games and toys the children love the best. Time them appropriately during the flight as they get into that stage where you know it is the crossroads between emotions going up or down.

Ahead of time prepare some of the children's favourite foods for the flight.

During the quieter periods when they disturb people the least, walking them up and down the aisle to help relieve the discomfort of sitting in one position for a long time can help put them in a positive mood.

And while I have sympathy for every parent who has experienced the unexpected from their children on a flight, pre-planning at home, along with raising children who respect others, is the answer.

If you’re looking for age appropriate games you might check the options on this site.

Top two photos by Hilary Pradinuk