It was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood so we decided it was time to explore the areas around us.

Golf fans will know that last week’s PGA tournament took place in nearby La Quinta. But for us the goal was not about golf but to go and take a look at the well publicized heart of the city, one of the ten that make up Greater Palm Springs, the Old Town Section.

Our first stop however had to be a Kohl’s department store, a brand not available to those of us who reside in Winnipeg. It is supposed to be a great place for bargains and, but for the crazy offset value of the Loonie, we likely would have bought out the place. Since that is the reality we were able to curtail much of our shopping enthusiasm.


While the Old Town area is small there are a number of shops and restaurants that make the visit worthwhile. And parking is free and off to the side so there is no traffic in the Old Town area itself, to speak of.

We had a lovely lunch at the Main Street Grill with a side order of lightly battered and fried cauliflower, which was really excellent. It was the first time I ever saw such an item on a menu but Rae insists it is now popular at home.



Dining in Old Town La Quinta, California.
Lots of pleasant outdoor dining spots in La Quinta's Old Town.

It really was quite tasty.

The shops are much more unique here but not geared to the male shopper at all from what I could see.  Rae enjoyed the shops but we were more interested in exploring so we just wondered in and out of the ones that were there.

One concludes that the price of real estate in this area is very high, given the number of real estate offices and the general design and physical demeanor of the area.


La Quinta, California's Old Town Section.

Before we left we stopped at this great ice cream store where they make the ice cream as you waited using liquid nitrogen. All natural ingredients, mixed blended and cooled to freezing as you watched.

It was a great way to end the day.