Most will have noted how many people were injured when an Air Canada flight from China went through a period of massive turbulence. It was so severe that many passengers were tossed from their seats, sustaining significant injuries.

While, thankfully, these injuries were non-life-threatening, they were severe enough to send 13 people to hospital for care or observation.

How many times have you seen it?

The announcement encourages all passengers to keep their seat belts on for the entire time they are in flight, while dozens of people make no move to secure themselves as requested.

The turbulence that was encountered on this flight was clearly worse than on most. But other reports in the past have been about head injuries, bodily bruises, along with other stretches or strains. Most of these could have been avoided by simply keeping seat belts fastened during the duration of the flight.

It is an amazement to flight attendants that few pay attention to the safety information they announce before departure for each flight.

Many think they know it by heart but do they really?

It is advice that comes in one ear and goes out the other, because they do not believe it will ever come to any problem where they would need to know.

But the reality is that accidents do happen and people lose lives because they did not do what they were advised.

And the times that occurrences as described above happen and again we believe it could never happen to us.

You need to heed the advice of your flight attendants before take-off.

Think ahead and protect yourself by keeping your ears open and your attention sharp.

This blog was taken from a column I wrote for the Winnipeg Free Press on January 9. Email me with questions you would like researched.