And I don’t mean that just from a climate perspective.

The last few years have seen dramatic increases in visitors from Canada, and from the vast majority of reports, Canadians have been pleased with the experience.

Canada has received special attention from the Jamaica Tourist Board. Jamaica’s senior tourist officials regularly travel across Canada to talk to the media and thank travel agents in every region of the country for their tremendous support.

It is an easy country to give that support to these days. While Jamaica may not have always been seen as a haven of security, none of the dramatic tourist-related incidents reported from other areas have taken place there on any broad-based basis.

It has proven to be an exceptional place to hold destination weddings. There has been an influx of brand name properties to choose from. And they appear to be training staff in the right way to make hospitality a key component to satisfy the tourists.

Jamaicans by nature tend to be very friendly and helpful.




Jamaica has become a major destination wedding country.

An official of the Jamaican Tourist Board is found of using, and reusing, the expression, “Jamaica is going through a rebirth.” And it truly is.

In Western Canada, growth has been extremely strong with new flight options which make getting there more convenient than ever.

There has always been significant lift to Jamaica from the populated eastern points, but additional flights from western Canada means wedding guests, as example, can easily coordinate flights to arrive in a timely manner to attend weddings and celebrations.


While January temperatures can occasionally be inconsistent, with periods of cooler than desired, for the most part Jamaica’s daily averages seem constant and predictable.

Start now to plan your Jamaican holiday. Like most, you will return raving about the destination and looking forward to going back again.


Jamaica is also an excellent golf destination.