Lots of people own homes in places like Palm Springs, Phoenix, and other US winter havens and get used to living life in a similar manner as they do at home.

For us, this is the first time we have rented a full home for a seasonal escape, even though it is only for a couple of weeks.

And here in Indio, one of the cities of Greater Palm Springs, one of my long time friends and his wife rent a home for most of the winter.

Our plans for today were to go to the College of the Desert street fair that takes place every Saturday and Sunday in nearby Palm Desert.

We sat around discussing the event with our friends late afternoon yesterday over a couple of glasses of wine, which lead to a couple of more glasses of wine, which led to us barbequing some steaks we had, which led to more conversation and more wine.

Since the COD street fair only lasts until about 1 pm, we were not in shape to really jump up with enthusiasm to attend. But nothing will prevent us from doing so next Saturday.


So after a sobering breakfast, more time in sleep mode recovery we were up, and more or less enthusiastically ready to hit the trail again.

Or destination for the day would be the Desert Hills Premium Outlet Mall in the community of Cabazon, about 45 minutes from Indio.

I like the new style outlet malls so much better than the earlier squares that housed all the brands with parking in the middle.

This mall, like a couple of others we have visited is set up in a village style with pedestrian walkways winding past the outlet stores, punctuated by other services interspersed with pure retail.

If you should ever get here and go to this mall, one important word of advice. Cabazon seems to be half way up the mountain. Our first clue was the number of wind turbines and the genuine impact of the wind on the automobile steering.

I was wearing only shorts and a short sleeve tee shirt. It was 75 degrees in Indio and freezing with a serious wind chill up there today. And on some of the streets the cold funnel of wind was pretty intense.

But it is a really nice outlet mall with the usual full range of brand name stores in it.

We made a few purchases but didn’t go crazy. We still have the better part of the two weeks to go and much more yet to see, including new shopping adventures.



Back home we were tired and chose not to go out for dinner, one of the advantages of home based accommodation. A simple meal and we are looking for new adventures tomorrow.