This is a question I am asked often in one form or another.

 It is often more expensive than ocean cruising with seemingly a lot fewer services and majestic design found on their larger cousins.

 With all the new additions to the rivers of the world, there have been dramatic changes in design, along with an upgrading of look and feel from the earliest offerings. But even at that, today the boats you take your river cruise on often bear little resemblance to the floating cities the major cruise lines operate. And therein lies part of its attraction.


River Cruises present a kaleidoscope of Scenery.
New Friends are made easily on river cruises.

In almost every country, there is a major river, and these rivers often run through the center of countries that ocean vessels cannot navigate.

 Even as new scenic vessels with large spacious cabins are being introduced to river cruising, more often than not the ships are smaller and as a result, more personal.

 This is a great way to meet people and river cruise passengers often report how they have made new friends that they correspond with and meet again by planning future cruises or other trips together.



And the sights never stop on a river cruise.

 Oceans do have a beauty in themselves but like a driving vacation, on a river cruise there is always something to see.

Unlike driving or a motor coach journey, you don’t have to stop to get out and stretch your legs. So far river cruises have been somewhat more all-inclusive than their competitors who sail the open seas.


River Cruise's free excursion to Kackenhoff Nursery in Holland just outside Amsterdam.
Excursion to Kackenhoff Nursery in Holland just outside Amsterdam.
Excursion to Kackenhoff Nursery in Holland just outside Amsterdam was included in river cruise.

Like the all-inclusive resorts, not only are the meals included but the beverages with meals are as well. And while shore excursions from a European cruise, for example, can add several hundred dollars to the trip, they are frequently included in the river cruise price.

How this will change over the coming years is unknown but for now those who specialize in the river cruise market are doing exceptionally well.

I have yet to hear from someone who has taken one to tell me they were not satisfied.



Excursions are usually included on river cruises.

Our most recent river cruise from Paris to Prague was an exceptional experience.

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