It might seem like one neck pillow is pretty much the same as the next. But that may have been true at one juncture in time, but certainly no longer the case now.

Today there are literally dozens of brands, but more significantly many different styles that address a comfort point for the many ways people rest or sleep. And they now come in a variety of different fabrics and types that will satisfy the skin sensitivity of the buyer, as well as the needs for storage and transport.

Firstly, there are two major types of structure that most people have been aware of for some time; the inflatable option or the pre-filled varieties that you see hanging on the walls of airports and shopping malls.

There was a time when the inflatable versions, while excellent for storage, were not all that comfortable on the skin, and the seams could get extremely irritating as the pillow moved during relaxation or in a deep snooze.

Today a number of manufacturers have made with materials that eliminate some of those irritants. For the most part, however, more comfort will still likely come from the fully finished models with long lasting cover materials and stuffing options that will appeal differently to each buyer.

Below I will try to provide you with some of the options with and overview of their strengths and weaknesses, along with photos and pricing for the various models.


One of the more breakthrough products was made for people like me. That is travelers that tend to let their heads fall forward as they sleep on aircraft.

The Relaxus wraps around your neck in such a way that it prevents your head from doing that, preventing those awful and unhealthful strains that you try to rub out after you wake up.

It wraps comfortably around your neck and stays in place. If there is a negative, it can get a little warm under the collar, so to speak, if you are wearing it too long.


The Bucky was one of the first brands to really make it big as a consumer brand for neck pillows. It bragged about its buckwheat hull filling that at the time was the best you could find in comfort.

It is still a popular brand even though other styles have moved past them in sales. Its removable cover is machine washable, and it comes with a convenient carry bag.

The cover keeps the filling in place very well, but like a lot of other styles that use hulls, or beads, or any other versions of small mega-multiple items you never want to see a tear in the material.

Fairly speaking there are few complaints about this happening with the Bucky.

The first time I saw this Cabeau product at the Travel Goods Association trade show in Las Vegas a few years ago I knew it would be a hit.

To the degree a neck pillow can be evolutionary, it was that. Its memory responsive foam as great for comfort, and for packing. It could be squeezed into the smallest of spaces and return to its original shape.

Its raised side supports gave the neck extra comfort and it could be turned around and work for head forward sleepers as well because the Velcro connector kept it in place.

The phone pocket was a nice extra touch, but its Valour cover seemed much softer to the skin than many other fabrics

For many this version of a neck pillow, if it can be called that, was truly a revolutionary entry into a very crowded market were sameness and copycat alternatives are more common than creativity.

This Travelrest design really was different and made for the kind of person who appreciates the cross body style and extra arm comfort.

It markets itself as the only pillow that provides full lateral support for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

It is becoming more popular, but for me I still need the dual neck rests. But this is really a good option for many who are used to the cross body style of other products.


There is no end to the number of inflatable options there are but Samsonite, as its brand image suggests, does make one of the really good ones.

Most inflatable neck pillows are fairly inexpensive and have the advantage of compact storage along with extreme lightness.

This Samsonite option is designed a bit differently to be ergonomically correct for proper support. The material is soft and comfortable to the touch.

It is easy to inflate and deflate which is important with this style of pillow.

A lot of companies like Design Go, which market products under the Go Travel brand, with a huge selection of travel accessory products which they market worldwide, package two similar serving products, which purchased together can save you a few dollars.

Lumbar support is important to a lot of people, particularly those flying overseas. Over the extended flying hours aircraft seats are likely to cause discomfort to even the most experienced traveler.

Go Travel is a British brand that has found a significant place in retail outlets throughout North America as well.

While there are dozens of other brands beyond those highlighted here, I have tried to isolate those that have a proven track record. These companies tend to back their products and give you good service should something go wrong with the product.  Click on this link for a wider selection of similar product items which may interest you.