In this  blog it is common for me to try and help travelers chose the kind of travel accessories and luggage that will likely be best suited for the kind of travel they do. And the kind of travel accessories I promote are often suited more for long distance travel destinations that you get to by air.

I try to identify travel patterns and expectations and direct people to those products which will likely work best for them.

But so often people, and particularly families travel by automobile, and often the accessory needs are quite different.

While many may be the same, today’s information is mostly directed to help those who chose to spend their trips in control by driving from place to place in what the experts often refer to as tire trade travel.

Automobile travelers quickly get to appreciate this item. If you have children in the care you can place it between them or if you have an opening between the trunk and the back seat, simply run the cord through to your charger. This product is always popular and at this price why not.

  • Split-level cooler keeps food cold when driving
  • Cooling system plugs into car’s 12V cigarette lighter
  • Stands vertically or horizontally for use as a fridge or chest
  • Holds up to 42 12-Ounce soft drinks
  • Measures 20 by 14 by 16-InchIt cools to 40-degree F below ambient temperature and can be switched from a cooler to a warmer.  At 45 quarts it offers plenty of space.

Below you will find a number of other items that many will deem essential for travel comfort on both short and long trips. To order them for yourself simply click on to the photo and you will be directed to the Amazon sight for that product and other similar automotive travel accessories.

I have tried to highlight those with good prices but prices can change from day to day, so please feel free to explore once you are on the site.

Every automobile traveler will have different needs. For some it is organizational. How can I keep my car neat and tidy when the kids don’t agree with my way of thinking?

How can I travel with as few stops as possible and have as much storage for everything I need close at hand?

How can I go camping or trailering with the best equipment that allows me to set up and break down most efficiently. Here are a few more items which may suit your needs best.

The range of travel accessory options for automobiles is vast. Some aim to help parents teach their children while driving. Some are invented with the sole purpose of safety on the road, while others are simple invented to provide greater convenience for both driver and passengers in the vehicle.

Each one of us will be more or less enthused on new automotive travel accessory entries solely dependent upon how it addresses our greatest needs.

Check out these to see how they fit your own personal needs.

Finally as someone who has often traveled long distances by car with his children as they were growing up, and now again with grandchildren, I know how important it is to keep them occupied and comfortable as much as possible.

check out these items created especially for them, or were they created purposefully for you?

Whether you are looking for travel games and things to keep your children busy, or automobile travel accessories for your travel requirements you can be sure there is a product for you now…or soon to be invented.