Most of the travel tips I provide add comfort and a level of security for your trips. Others are much more important to ensure you are not unwittingly placed into stressful and frustrating situations.

These are easy suggestions to incorporate into your travel plans, so please take them seriously.

  1. Never ever let your medications of any kind out of your sight when travelling. Some medications may even require a doctor’s certificate for you to take on board or enter another country with. People often place medications into their check-in bags. But if that piece of your luggage gets waylaid, you will have a very hard time getting your prescription refilled in many countries. You need to keep your prescriptions more organized than you might at home. That’s why the inexpensive pill organizers are worth having.

2.   If you are travelling with a spouse or partner make a point of using half of each person’s clothing in each bag. That way if only one gets lost you have some outfits to last you at least a few days. And the kind of clothing you pack can make a difference. Take garments that can be easily washed which will dry overnight. The ExOfficio line has some excellent options.

3.  Always take at least one change of clothes in your carry-on. If your bags are lost you have a day’s lee way to feel comfortable. What happens more often than not is that people don’t follow this advice and are often forced into needless expenditures because they didn’t add a quick change option to their carry-on. Some dual compartment carry-on bags are ideal for separating these extra garments from the rest of your carry-on items.

  1. Look at using packing cubes for more effective and efficient arrangement of your belongings. They come in different colours and sizes. At one of the places we stayed some time ago, there were no dressers at all. Packing cubes give you the option of not living out of a suitcase and the cubes do not look out of place on counters or table tops. Some people who travel with children use one colour cube for one child and a second colour for another.
  1. Compression packs are inexpensive and allow you to take smaller suitcases with you, particular of you are going on some motor coach tours which have size restrictions. These units come in multiple sizes. They allow you to cut down on the size of suitcase you take with you.
  1. Deep Vein Thrombosis is an affliction that often affect older travellers but it is not an older person’s condition. It is also called hospitality class syndrome for a reason. When you sit on long overseas flights, circulation gets slowed down, and it can lead to a serious condition for those of any age. Buy and wear compression socks, you will use them many trips over and the investment could save your life.
  1. Repeating what I have recommended in previous posts, make sure you protect your belongings with slash proof bags, and anti-pickpocket items that prevent you from coming back much poorer than when you left, and not because of your overspending.