For many years I had the privilege of selling a wide range of LUG products, both travel and day to day items. From the day they came out they showed they were going to be a contender in the marketplace.

Then when Oprah started to like them and kept mentioning them as one of her favourite brands, there was no longer any doubt at all.

Their fabric, their strong and sometimes bold colors seemed to herald a change in what people wanted in bags and wallets, and other interesting options they introduced to the market.

I know this line and through my many years of experience working with it I got to appreciate which products the consumer, and particularly the female consumer found best for travel as well as for more utilitarian uses.

Below are some of the options I unhesitatingly recommend to those interested in discovering the LUG story, or for simply adding to the collection of what you already have.

Four of my favorites are the tango wallet, the puddle jumper overnight wheelie,  the packing kits, and the Lug flutter mini cross-body bag. Click on the images to see all the features.


While the above models certainly are some of the favorites for travel, once a women makes her first Lug purchase, you can be certain many more will follow.

With so many colors and integrated styles it is easy to create a series of accessory wardrobes to highlight the looks of any stylish women.

Below are some of the other favorites that seem to continually be popular.

Lug is not an easily definable company. they make travel products, everyday products and others that are not as easily categorized because they can fit anywhere, or alternatively only with certain vertical markets like their diaper bags.

Lug carry on wheelie.

You really can’t go wrong when you buy one of the lug products.

They back up their quality, and keep coming out with new designs that seem to have continuing and growing appeal.

They got a great start with the Oprah recommendations but other companies have failed after sound beginnings. It seems that LUG has put the right marketing in place, obviously some progressive designers, and a market that is ready to accept their newest innovations.

Not a bad recipe for success all around.