In today’s heightened terrorist alert period, airport security is especially tight.

You would think the obvious would be…well, obvious. But the number of confiscated items at any gate in the country would astound you.

While people know that guns or knives are strictly forbidden. Yet in the United States, and to a lesser degree Canada, a couple of guns a week are confiscated from normal innocent people trying to board airplanes with a gun in their carry-on.


But in addition to this, the numbers of people who store long nail files, or scissors in their cosmetic kits are legion…and these items continue to pile up in the security bins of every airport until they are finally turned over to a charity.

 Even if you think it’s only an innocent utensil which couldn’t cause terror in a fly, don’t bother wasting your time fighting for it, for your own sake and the frustration of the people lined up behind you.

 What about those things you should consider carrying on but seldom do?


Is your luggage in Jamaica while you are on your way to Mexico?
Going to Chicago? Where is your Luggage going?

Airlines report that up to two bags out of every hundred get lost in transit, often wandering the dark world of storage centers and airline holds for days.

You may thing your Mexican dream vacation will be wonderful. But your luggage may prefer Jamaica, or Chicago, or Vancouver.

Sooner or later some airline is going to misplace your luggage. So what can you do to help yourself?

Firstly, and most seriously, always carry all your important medications with you on the aircraft. You may not be able to refill a prescription in a foreign country as easily as you can at home.

It is also a good idea to take a lightweight change of clothing with you in your carry on. If your baggage disappears, you have at least a day’s grace as ‘they’ sort out what happened to it.

When traveling with a spouse or friend, with each checking a separate bag, it is good planning to each pack half of the other’s clothing and accessories. By co-mingling your travel wear in this manner, in a pinch you might be able to get yourselves through a good portion of the vacation as the search and rescue mission is continued by the airlines.

Traveller’s cheques, jewelry, valuables, and especially that extra wad of foreign currency you picked up before leaving, should not be left in baggage just waiting for crimes of opportunity. And finally, use as light a carry on as possible as its weight is taken into account in your total baggage allotment

I hope these tips help you. If you have travel questions or travel comments, contact me at

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