Only going to Mexico. You still need pre-travel health care.

Frequent travellers to most other parts of the world have always known they must include travel health advice in their planning.

But we are only going to Mexico or the Caribbean. Been there many times, we say. No problem, and away we go. Not good thinking.

As the world shrinks with people traveling more and more, infectious diseases move quickly and easily from destination to destination.

Hepatitis A and B, for example, are two of the most common of these viruses. Hepatitis A could be hiding in that poolside drink even at the fanciest resorts. It may be in the ice or in the water that washed the glass. Yet Hepatitis is one of the easiest viruses to protect yourself against.

In looking at a map put out by the Centres for Disease Control, you will see the sun destinations we travel to the most, like the Dominican, Mexico, Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean are all high risk areas for Hep A and B.

Should that frighten us off?

Shall we all spend the winter cooped up inside our homes for fear of venturing out? Not likely at 40+ below.

The best advice is to get the pre-travel advice and vaccinations you should have for the sun destinations you plan to visit. It’s easy, inexpensive, and from a good nurse you’ll hardly feel a thing.

Check the Health Canada website at to research the destinations you will be traveling to and through.


For yourself, and for the sake of your family, take all the precautions. But never let fear create a hesitation in your plans to discover what the wide world of tourism has to offer. The memories will always be good when you plan for healthy travel in advance.