Every spring students get ready to leave their schools or universities for the summer.

 Many start planning far in advance to travel overseas to Australia and New Zealand, Thailand, other parts of Asia, and especially to the traditional European destinations.

 Virtually everyone is looking for the most budget conscious means of travel.

Many who travel through Australia will search out potential partners at a hostel after they land in Sydney with the hope they can find someone to share the purchase of an inexpensive, used automobile.

Provided you can get along in agreeing to routing and timing, you will see the country better and faster. You may find when you go to sell your automobile when you are ready to return, if you’re lucky enough to sell your vehicle for what you paid, that your only transportation expense was the shared cost of gasoline.




Many counties also feature really good value in pre-purchased rail passes.

 Eurorail passes are still the mainstay for budget conscious travelers through these countries. Because these passes feature an unlimited travel option, a great Euro saving trick is, on occasion at least, to get on the train in the late evening and sleep on the train at no cost for the night.



You plan ahead to start the next leg of your journey wherever the first morning stop happens to be, after you have had a good sleep; at least, as good a sleep as one can have on a moving train with people moving about, and the conductor checking passes every few stops.

I don’t know if I really recommend this next option but given the number of reviews I have read, it would appear that sleeping in airports has become the new budget hotel for the ultimate budget traveler.




Check out the website It actually lists the best and worst airports for this activity with dozens of ‘airport accommodation’ reviews.

 It is noteworthy that Canada’s Vancouver airport is rated in the top 10 while the Quebec City airport is rated as a top ten worst airport to stay overnight in.



For inexpensive meals look for corporate cafeterias and restaurants attached to colleges and universities.

It seems the least expensive meal was and is a loaf of bread, a brick of cheese, and a bottle of wine, all consumed with friends on the nearest beach or closest park where you won’t be bothered if you act responsibly.

Couch surfing has become huge with networks set up to help those who don’t mind uncomfortable sleeping accommodations surrounded by new found friends.

Young people especially will always look for the best deals when they travel. For others, perhaps the best tip is to follow them as they lead you to savings.

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