We have stayed here, My Sister and brother in law have, as well as a number of others to whom we have recommended it.

On our last Italian journey after spending a few days in Rome, we decided to head out to Tuscany for a few days before flying home.

We had feedback from people who had stayed at the Palazzo Brandano in Tuscany. They said it was a quiet peaceful place to stay, and was well situated on the hillside of a small town and offered a tremendous view.


We booked our stay, and as we were driving into what appeared to be a very small community, we wondered at our decision making process, asking ourselves if we had done enough questioning.


Near the end of a long, very narrow passageway, not much wider than the car we were driving, we saw the sign. The sign was clear enough, but was very small and not at all ostentatious, giving no perception of quality.

Unassuming entrance to Palazzo Brandano in Italy's Tuscany region.

We were immediately greeted, and our luggage was moved ahead of us to the room we were assigned.

There are only 11 or12 rooms in this Palazzo, but they are really striking. Each room has a separate design of paintings that are sure to be recognized.

All the people were very nice to deal with as you might expect from a small family run property. Interestingly they are not of Italian origin but speak it fluently.

There is a very nice dining room, but when the weather is warm everyone seems to prefer the outside with its view and decor of its own.


We had easy access to the tourist cities and preferred to return each night to the Palazzo Brandano for dinner. The meals were excellent and the chef was so friendly and willing to talk.

The bedrooms are a treat. Not far away is the location where much of the movie, The English Patient, was filmed.

The English Patient movie was filmed at Sant' Anna in Cammprena in Tuscany.

I have no hesitancy in following those before us in recommending them to you.

Their website is http://www.palazzobrandano.com/

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