On my last trip to Las Vegas I decided to try a property that was somewhat different from the usual Casino resort options.

Before checking into the new Delano Hotel property I was able to squeeze in a quick game of golf at the TPC Las Vegas, a really interesting and challenging course.

On the way back I decided to stop for a quick bit to eat. A great new burger plus place was recommended for a casual but fun dining experience located in the New York New York hotel.

Called the Shake Shake it is the first franchise in the city of the well know chain of the same name in the real New York, New York.

Fascinating place it is and well worth the visit.

While one of its specialties may be their version of the traditional hamburger, I was intrigued by a vegetarian burger called the ‘Shroom Burger” . It may be vegetarian but if your were thinking this was my new diet option you are off by a bit.

It is a crisp fried portobello mushroom loaded with melted muenster and cheddar cheese that oozes out as you eat it. However the lettuce and tomato that comes with it is quite healthy.

It is not called the Shake Shack for nothing so after the schroom and fries I kept to the vegetarian choice by ordering a vanilla shake which was just spectacular.

After rolling out of the Shake Shack I headed to the Delano to check in.

As I walked down the long designed hallway that would lead me to the registration counter I knew I was in a really nice place.

The Delano is an all-suite hotel next to the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel and Casino.

The Delano does not have a casino on site but it is only a couple of minutes walk to the Mandalay Bay’s.

I want to come back and talk about that but first the rooms. As a all-suite hotel, even the smallest is spacious at over 700 square feet, created as two adjacent rooms that allows you to roam around and watch TV in either, or work in one room while your spouse rests in the bedroom.

Since the entry is into the ‘living room’, it is very quiet in the bedroom and a good nights sleep is pretty well guaranteed.

There is something very unique as well in a non casino property.

After I had rested awhile yesterday evening I went to to the lobby bar. As anyone who has visited Las Vegas knows a quiet bar in a casino is almost unheard of with revelers seemingly controlling every alcohol outlet.

Called Franklin’s, this is a great little bar like you would find in hotel properties anywhere else in the world.

I sat at the bar and had great conversations with people I would not be able to hear or want to converse in busier and noisy celebratory drinking places.

For my first  morning I dined in the hotels main floor restaurant called Della’s Kitchen.

You need to experience it to appreciate it.  As selection of juice mixes they create, I tried a couple of them and they were great. Apparently they often create new tastes.

Before heading out to the trade show for a long day on my feet, and notwithstanding the meal I had last night, I could not pass up on the steak and eggs…always one of my favourites whenever I travel.

This was a one inch thick cut of a tenderness that you usually only expect for evening meals in high quality steakhouses. It was exceptional and I was able to carry on for the full day today without needing to stop for anything but the occasional bottle of water.

Las Vegas has become such a major convention city and a leading culinary capital where all of the beg name chefs have established restaurants.

I will try and experience a couple for certain on this trip but it has been a good first day here before having to go to work seriously

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