Leave all your traditional views of ordering French and go with the flow when you dine at this relatively new restaurant in the ARIA hotel.

Today’s Las Vegas is loaded with quality restaurants in a town that was once known best for its cheap buffets.

A couple of decades ago the best restaurants were away from the casinos but all that has changed. And the Aria hotel houses some of the best including this relatively new offering from the creative mind of chef Michael Mina.

While the restaurant is only six months old clearly many are agreeing with my assessment of its quality. My visit was on a weeknight when there were few conventions in the city and the restaurant was packed.

While many of the casino restaurants on the strip are surrounding the gambling circles themselves, I liked the location of the Bardot on the quieter Promenade level of the ARIA near the Zarkana Theatre.

I choose to do a sampling of the various appetizers on the menu and asked them to do half servings.

My first selection from the hors d’oeurves menu was the Escargots Bardot. The escargots where wrapped in a rich puffed pastry filled with warm hazelnuts.

Traditionalists may prefer the pure taste of escargot in the shell but I found these to be an excellent starter even though the taste was as much from the pastry as the escargots.

Duck a l’orange has to be one of their specialties that everyone should try. Cooked on a wood fired grill in a sauce maltaise with blood orange. To use the cliche…to die for.

I tested two options from their salad selection.  I don’t know which I will select when I go back.

The Frisee Aux Lardon, you likely don’t have to understand French to figure this one out, but it had a little extra that made it unique and totally great tasting.

In addition to the hearts of frisse, warm bacon and vinaigrette dressing it was topped with a warm, soft poached egg which when mixed together provided a sensation that was wonderful.

I am determined I will create a version of this at our next gathering of friends or family.

What really sent me into a spiral of joy was the Yellowfin Tuna Nicoise. Seared tuna with a little white anchovy, with red wine vinaigrette on baby gem lettuce.

While I was leaning towards a beef dish for my main course, my server strongly suggested the special chicken offering from the chef because of the way it had been carefully prepared with spices over time and slowly cooked to bring out the blended flavours of  the dish.

Thank you chef. This was a perfect recommendation and one I would not have made myself because of the number of occasions we have chicken at home.


This tasted like no chicken we have ever prepared.

There was no room for dessert but I had it anyway.

No matter how full you are you will not be able to stop eating the Apple Tart Tatin, warm caramelized apple on puff pastry topped by vanilla bean ice cream.

This was a truly exceptional dining experience in a well designed but still casual surrounding in a calm area of the property.




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