Situated on Bob Hope Drive (41-000) in Rancho Mirage in Great Palm Springs this is truly an exceptional family resort.

While family should be the operative word in many ways the Splashtopia slides and play area are situated in somewhat a separate area so the rooms near that attraction are perfect for those who bring their children, the area nearer the entrance and overlooking the golf course provide an entirely different perspective.

The Embers dining are is well placed with a large outdoor patio near the water hazard that makes the par 3 sixth hole a bit of a challenge.

We dined for both breakfast and a dinner at the Embers and found it to be excellent, with as I wrote in a previous blog, a server who knew about the ins and outs of every glf track in the region.

There are also a number of condos on the golf course that make the development a thriving area, but still a luxury retreat for those looking for something extra special in the Palm Springs area.

It offers the usual spa you would expect in a higher lever resort like this.

What was also interesting about this resort was the fact that all automobiles are parked in a front parking lot. So while the first trip to your room may be a task, no traffic and the absence of noise make it an excellent retreat.

The resort is structured as a series of two story walk-up buildings which also means you are never people crowded.

The only thing you need to take into account, which is true of most resorts, you will have to transport yourself to the pro shop a couple of blocks away since the first tee is not right at the resort even though a couple of resorts go right between the buildings.

The 27 hole course is not long but it is challenging at times. Because of the resort some of the holes near it are more narrow but beyond there are a number of wider fairways as well.

The singular negative seemed to be the lack of attendants to carry luggage to the rooms. In fairness that may be due to when we checked in but we got a sense that the culture was for guest to do it on their own.

There are excellent tennis facilities on site with an ample fitness centre for those who want to work off the desserts available at the Embers.

Like one would expect at an Omni the staff were professional and efficient throughout. and well worth staying at as a couple of family, or as a golf group for that matter.

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