We are back after a really enjoyable stay in Palm Springs!

While golfing was the prime motivation we really did a lot more in sight seeing, experiencing, and dining.

But we also stayed at two fine properties worth reviewing.

Hyatt Palm Springs

While there are a number of communities that make up Greater Palm Springs, the traditional heart of Palm Springs draws the most people to its restaurant and shopping laden establishments.

The Hyatt Palm Springs is at the heart of the main shopping and dining area and is an ideal place to stay whether you are travelling with your family or just with your spouse or golf buddy.

It is an all-suite hotel which separates the bedroom from the TV/sitting area. Both sections are well appointed.

The restaurant adjacent to the lobby is handy if you are entering from the rooms but it also extends into an outdoor patio that is adjacent to the pool.

This makes for a unique design element which is very efficient from a operational point of view and extremely convenient from a client perspective.

If you take a room with the pool and mountain view you will find it a investment well worth it. It is a wide open unobstructed photographic opportunity to capture just about all the elements the region has to offer. Pool, golf course, desert and mountain with hiking trails accessible from the hotel itself.

Food-service was a bit slow from the patio when we were there but the breakfasts, and especially the weekend breakfast buffet were excellent with very fast and attentive service.

From beginning to end the staff were very friendly and easy to talk with in finding directions or getting input on things to do.

All parking is valet but the guys do a heck of a job in insuring you don’t have to wait, and they are also a lot of fun.

From the Hyatt Palm Springs you have easy walking distances to restaurants starting with those right across the street.

One of the key features of this property that is absolutely captivating is the photographic display that adorns the walls along the main floor hallways.

These are photos taken of the major movie stars and executives during the Palm Springs Film Festival.  I do the photographer a huge disservice by not remembering the names because in many ways these powerful images are not just the highlight of the hotel but the highlight of the region that stays indelible in the mind long after returning home.

I hope someone may add a comment here to identify the photographer and give due credit to the creative genius that captured the essence of her subjects in this gallery.

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