With a two hour time gap between Winnipeg and Palm Springs, getting up earl,y regardless of when one went to bed, is easy.

Since yesterday was Sunday, the day I do my Journeys Travel Show, I was happy to have the time I required to prepare for the show.

We had experienced a tremendous meal at the Kaiser Grille the night before (as per my previous blog), I had a chance to better explore this property (the Hyatt Palm Springs) and after interviewing a couple of the key staff Carey and I would be soon picked up by the Red Jeep company for a mountain and valley tour of the nearby
Andreus Canyons.

The Hyatt Palm Springs people really did and excellent job on the radio show of painting a picture of the region demonstrating why it has become such a major tourist destination. You can hear that show on the CJOB audio vault at and clicking on to the 12 PM hour of November 19.

Our guide and driver of the Red Jeep was friendly and affable Russ. He really knew the history of the area with loads of stories about how the first natives, the Agua Calliente Cahuilla, built and lived upon these lands.

The rock formations on the mountain sides are impressive and the two hour hike up and down the valleys of the Palm and Andreus Canyons was just right, with enough explanation stops to make it quite easy for this overweight guy to handle.

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We both needed a rest after we got back to the hotel but it would be a short one since we had make a reservation at a unique new bar and restaurant directly across the street from the Hyatt.

Called the Tonga Hut, this attraction is much more about the drinks than the food at this stage. It’s winter menu will not be introduced until next week but its drinks. If you get here you need to go there.

The Tonga Hut builds upon a trend that is bringing back the history of the Tiki Lounge. From Great Falls Montana to Las Vegas, new Beachcomber type lounges are on the rise with a publication called the Tiki Magazine enhancing the aura around this revitalized style of enjoyment.

This is a relatively new establishment with with a sister bar in Los Angeles.

Should you make it there ask to see the secret room.

This structure was obviously built to include a high degree of privacy for the well heeled who did not want to be seen by ordinary folk.

Open a door and on the wall of a small booth is a pay phone, as would be expected in days past.

But push the door when it is not bolted shut from the inside and you enter a private enclave set as both a dining and living room.

Walk in and push the next wall and you are into yet another escape, this one now used as a staff lounge.

While the Tonga Hut offers the traditional Tiki treats like the Mai Tai, the Zombie, and the Pina Colada, they have brought in originals of their own.

We tried the Nutti Chi Chi, the Cucumber Caliente, the Rum Barrel and Burmuda Dunes.

Contacty the Tonga Hut at

After many unique drinks made at the Tonga Hut sleep would come easily for both of us as we looked forward to our first golf game ahead.

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