Amazing stay at the Buhl Mansion an hour and a half from Pittsburgh!

No one I know actually decides to go to Pittsburgh.

It is an out of the way place, it seems, whose image is dominated by steel and three major sports franchises.

But after my first visit the worm has turned.

The people seem extremely friendly, the rivers give it a nice feel, and the lush greenery of a city nestled below large rolling hillsides make it quite attractive.

It is a city loaded with culture. Some rich people keep while others give.

It seems that Pittsburgh has done well as its wealthiest citizens of the past for sure put back into their city in big ways.

There are lots of them but perhaps it is the legacy of Andrew Carnegie, that great turn of the 20th century industrialist who made the biggest impact by spreading his fortune around the city building icons of culture that last to the present day.

The art museum houses pieces of past and present.

The legacy lead to the foundation of the Andy Warhol museum and the displays of dinosaur bones seems as complete as anywhere.

The steel industry is gone but the city has reinvented itself and renovated the old broken down areas…turning them into a gathering strip for young and old.

Pittsburgh is also a city that will not break your pocket book. Golf is very inexpensive. Food and beverage prices are moderate and even hotel prices seem more manageable than other jurisdictions.

All in all a perfect first visit. Now I want to go back and explore other areas including Gettysburg where the great battle of the civil war took place.

On this trip I used both my PacSafe RFID wallet and my Eagle Creek Necksafe.

I golfed with my protective Tilley hat and wore two of my best ExOfficio shirts for half my days.

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