This weekend I will head out once more, this time to what may be my favourite city in Canada.
Since I worked for an advertising agency whose head office was in Montreal many many years ago it has been a favourite.
While this trip is for business I will arrive on time to catch the Montreal/Detroit game at the Bell Centre. 
In the morning I will take my time getting up and head out to China Town for a dim sum brunch. And on Monday I actually go to work choosing luggage at one of the largest and best suppliers of luggage in Canada. 
The Holiday Group, as it is known, owns or has distributing rights to brands like TravelPro, Roots, National Geographic, Atlantic, Austin House, Swiss Wenger and a whole lot more. 
We’ll work hard on Monday and celebrate our new buys at another great Montreal restaurant before I head home early Tuesday morning.
This is the one big city in Canada that is so different from
the others.
While French may be the language that dominates the bars,
restaurants, and shopping centres, it is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city with
the voices of many lands commanding their own presence.
Don’t believe you will be insulted and not served because
you don’t speak French. While you may occasionally encounter this rudeness, in
my experience it just hasn’t happened to me. And if you really want a quick
response, try speaking your broken French and they will quickly jump to your
rescue with English conversation.
This is a major tourist city, and for the most part
economics has no language barriers.
Old Montreal is worth a day’s visit unto itself. The casino,
renovated a long time ago from the Expo 67 French pavilion, was one of the
largest in the country for a long time.

And visits to the popular streets and neigbourhoods of
Boulevard St-Laurent, Crescent Street, and the many substantive ethnic regions
that dot the city make it a complete tourist package.
I won’t take in much of the above on this trip but I will surely try Montreal smoked meat, likely at Schwartz’s and take a walk around old Montreal.
A couple of weeks later I will be bringing in the brand selections I have made.
In the meantime if you are looking for great light-weight quality luggage go to where you will find a selection of our existing lines of TravelPro, National Geographic, Austin House

and Swiss Neo-lite, along with a wide range of others.

I am currently using the amazing new series of TravelPro Magna with the patent pending magnetic wheels and I love the set completely.