I knew I would not likely get back.

Being as close as I was to the Grand Canyon with only a two hour drive I had to go. Interestingly the most hair raising part of the drive was in the first 30 kilometres from Sedona with its never ending hairpin turns and up and down two lane portions that really took a while to complete.

The rest of the road was excellent and even as I got close to the Grand Canyon I thought I must have taken the wrong turn.

The road is mostly flat, even upon entering Grand Canyon National Park.

 Once the car was parked, still on flat land it was a short walk to the rim of the canyon. And that was majestic.

I was overwhelmed with what nature has provided and could not get enough of walking along the rim to keep etching more and more into my memory.

This was special.

Because I have to carry on to my real purpose for coming to Arizona, the International Travel Goods Association luggage show I will keep further comments until later and let this be a photo show of what I say.

If you get anywhere close on any of your future journeys, make a point to take in this spectacular offer from natures own paint book.

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