Just this past spring I made our first visit to the Phoenix area with my wife.  I had been there a year earlier for a golf outing but this would be much more of a tourist trip.

After landing and acquiring our auto rental at the Phoenix airport we headed straight for the Musical Instruments Museum, only because we could not check into our hotel until later yesterday afternoon.

While the idea for the visit held some curiosity for me it would not likely have been my first choice for a museum visit but for the persuasion of the people at the Arizona Tourist Board.

Highly rated by Tripadvisor and the major tourist magazines they said. Loads of instruments from all countries going back hundreds of years.

OK, I said with limited enthusiasm.

All of what they said is true. There are a lot of music playing machines from all over the place and they are all very interesting. But the real attraction is the placement of videos at most locations with a sound touring equipment that triggers itself as you approach each and every video stand.

You will hear Don Messer and the Islanders in the Canadian section. You will see the Red River Jig and other numbers that originate in other parts of Canada.

You will find and entire Elvis section with much of his memorabilia as a result of the close alliance they have established with the Graceland foundation after they were able to repair an old broken down Elvis guitar.

You will see the instruments of the greats in all genres of music from rock and roll, to blues to country and even bandstand.

There is a display of hand crafted instruments created from the daily cans and boxes found around players who loved music but could not afford to buy instruments from stores.

And unique one of a kind creations that have withstood the test of time. Or have been made as show piece for a particular musician.

From the nations of the world you will see there and hear these instruments played by those who used them from the beginning of the days when film was first invented into modern times.

Each countries sound is not only on display but there is even a section where visitors, and children especially can try their hand at creating the sounds of nations.

We only spent about 3 hours here. We could have spent 3 more and not experienced half of what there is to hold rapt attention because of the education, sounds of the music and the talent that created them.

If you are going to Phoenix do not pass up the opportunity to experience this attraction. You will be glad you did.

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