The story of how this company came to be called the Pink Jeep Company is interesting in itself.

The owner, after visiting a resort in Hawaii, was persuaded by his wife to change the name because of a similar branding exercise incorporated on the resort they visited.

And so it would become the largest tour company of its kind in the Sedona area with more than a dozen vehicles working all the time, noted by passerby tourists who cannot avoid seeing the bold pink vehicles pass them by.

They offer a variety of tours.

I took the one entitled Old Indian Ruins. It proved to be a fascinating journey through time as the history of the first natives was told to us by an excellent driver and guide.

While the area today is covered with trees the reason it became the settling ground was for the agricultural lands that product food abundantly for the tribe.

It is noteworthy that when the white men came and brought literally thousands of head of cattle the grasslands disappeared, trees grew and forever after it became abandoned land for whites and natives.

Like in so many areas the white settlers drove out the natives from the best lands and only recently have they achieved a small measure of compensation of sorts.

The natives, during their time left signs of an interesting society that is worth exploring today.