So many had told me that Sedona was an interesting place to visit.

It had to be on my list for this trip even though I thought the reasons given for the enthusiasm about the area seemed sketchy.

Sedona is a long way up there. I don’t mean in driving distance although the journey is an interesting one driving along at 75 mph plus on winding up and down roads, some of which are not the best in the state.

But the altitude of Sedona is 4500 feet above sea level with some of the surrounding communities like Flagstaff are 7000 feet above that same sea base.

As a result the weather we have had, while hot during the day is somewhat cooler than in the Phoenix area. I imagine during the other winter months the range could be even more with some pretty frosty nights.

What strikes you as you get closer to Sedona is the majesty of the red rocks, or should I say mountains that appear before you with every curve and hill you pass.

They really are majestic.

The centre of Sedona truly is a major tourist attraction with every shop and restaurant clearly catering to the tourist crowds.

We are staying at the L’Auberge de Sedona. This I am sure must be the best if not one of the best in the entire region.

Our accommodations are in one of the single units that dot the hillside looking down into a valley and winding river or creek and looking up into the majestic red rocks of the region.

Watching the effects of the color changes with the sun’s movement has been captivating.

These units each have a large balcony, a living room style area in addition to the bedroom and a sauna room in addition to the great bathroom amenities.

This is a fascinating place that offer a wide range of daily complimentary activities from Mind/Body/ Spirit  lectures to stargazing, and Yoga stretch classes.

On this trip Rae and I both brought our brand new rust TravelPro Magna suitcases, and I also am travelling with my 4 wheel business case from Samsonite, which I really love.

I have been wearing my Tilley hat as the sun has been very strong, and Rae keeps taking along both her rolling Lug carry-on and her old Ameribag.

I noticed she also switches to a small Derek Alexander carry purse when we go for dinner or similar outings.



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