Even though Ford was 16 years younger than Edison after their first meeting they formed a fast friendship. So much so that the automobile industrialist purchased a summer home right next to the property that Edison owned and loved to visit in Fort Myers.

It is about a 35 minute drive from The Island Inn where we are staying in Sanibel Island to get to the Edison and Ford winter estates, but it is a very interesting visit.
While there are only four vintage automobiles on display in the museum portions of the grounds, there are loads of samples of the 1093 patents that Edison invented, many of which he developed.
It was a fascinating sidebar story to learn that Edison himself was nearly deaf. How could have he created the phonograph and other sound devices he invented.
Apparently he would bite into the wood frame surrounding them and essentially hear through his teeth.
One of his ‘bitten’ frames is on display and it is fascinating.
On the grounds stands what is purportedly the largest Banyan tree in America, under which a statue of the great inventor was erected.
After the tour we had lunch at a stately old mansion converted to a restaurant call Edison’s.

The grounds of the estates are immaculate and the homes are kept in pristine condition. This is one of the most visited sites in Fort Myers and worth the time spent wondering around the grounds and the laboratory that Edison worked in while in the Fort Meyers area.
Tonight, our last on Sanibel Island, we dined at The Jacaranda restaurant with friends from Winnipeg who are wintering in the area.
Really and exceptional seafood restaurant only about 15 minutes from the resort. All round satisfaction to this meal.