It was our final day on Sanibel Island. I had set up a 7:30 Tee time at the Dunes Golf Club on the island so Rae could have a bit of a sleep in and I would be back for checking out on time.

We had a late check-out from the nice people at The Island Inn so I was not too concerned it the game went a little long.

The Dunes course really is a beautiful one to play. But perhaps I should have treated the nature of the driving range as a warning of things to come.

200 yd marker of water driving range.

It is the only driving range I know of anywhere that you drive the balls into the water. The balls float and the flow of the waters washes them to a collection area where they are gathered every night..

There really is water on every hole and it comes into play quickly and fiercely just around the area you would normally play your first shot.

Now I am not a good golfer at the best of times but my recent lessons turned into mush early in the game. I am trying to recall if I have ever put so many balls in the water.

I bought a few after nine so as not to embarrass myself begging my golf partner for a loaner or three.

But it is an excellent course to play and I would love to go back.

We checked out of The Island Inn and went back to Captiva so Rae could do a bit more shopping in a really nice store (Cluoe’s) that she had found.

Since I had not eaten and was after two, we stopped at the Greenflash Restaurant in Captiva and had yet one more seafood platter with a mixture of fish, mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, and whatever other swimming delicacy they could put in it.

Back at the Holiday Inn Express in Naples we were lucky to get the same room so were able to make ourselves at home quickly.

Tonight we are resting and may just order in a pizza as we are both a little tired.

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